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Digital India is prominent initiation launched by the government. Nowadays, Digital India is a very trending topic on essays like- essay on digital India for students, short essay on digital India, or long essay on digital India. So let us take a glimpse of how to write an essay on digital India :

Short Essay on Digital India


Digital India is a leading project launched by prime minister Narendra Modi on first July in 2015. It is a very prominent and effective initiation to Change the structure & condition of India. The inauguration of digital India week was held on the first to seventh July by the PM in the presence of top level CEOs and ministers, and they were talked about e-governance and spreading digitalization all-over India.

We are get benefited by digital India in this term there is a lot of digital India advantage and digital India disadvantage or pros and cons these are:

Digital India Advantage

After coming to this project, there is a lot of digital India advantage si; let us take a look :

  • It gaps the bridge between government and public; now every initiation or scheme is going to launch known to everyone with proper details.
  • Digital empowerment and employment, and entrepreneurship really come towards India just because of this, and India is going to develop fastly with enormous opportunity.
  • Digital India has a positive impact on the medium, low level, and small businesses; apart from all the advantages, companies are merging themselves one to another to connect people.
  • It opens the door of opportunity in the educational field in the form of e-pathshala, e-education.
  • It provides various jobs that reduce unemployment.

Digital India Disadvantage

Every coin has two aspects in some term; there are a few digital India disadvantage too, these are :

  • Due to the digital India project, many works, which were offline, have gone out of the door, spreading different levels of unemployment.
  • While the one hand, it gives comfort and hustles free system, lives a bad impact on health due to technology radiance.
  • People face some problem to use this initiation due to illiteracy and get cheated.
  • Using too much technology can increase the physical as well as mental health issues in problematical form.

In short digital India is a great and progressive scheme; it gives more advantages and progressiveness to India; there are few disadvantages too, but it can reduce by using proper strategies, and keeping this aside, we can see that now students, peoples are aware from their right and using their quality. This is a very glorious phenomenon for India.

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Essay On Digital India

Long Essay On Digital India 


On the first July Wednesday in 2015our, respected prime minister Narendra Modi launched a project to make India empower and digital, named digital India.

It was launched in the Indra Gandhi Indoor Stadium in the presence of top businessmen and ministers on that they were talked about the digital revolution in villages and cities all over India. It is a very influential and impressive project in which people are getting a lot of benefits from various government schemes and plans.

 How it will benefit the educational sector

Digital India opens the door of opportunity in the field of education students get an advantage through the various initiative in digital India. Let us talk about digital India advantage for students :

Education through technology

Digitalization changes the form of the educational system government launched numerous projects like – e-pathshala, Diksha, national scholarship portal, DeitY, etc., so tha students can get all the sources and can learn from anywhere and any other preferable time with the help of electronic gadgets.

Remotely service initiation in rural areas

Experienced and highly skilled teachers teach the student of rural and undeveloped areas just as they light the development. Gradually & gradually, the condition and structure have been changed.

All the knowledge meet one place.

All the knowledge meets one place without any hustle or carrying a bundle of form or paper in the form of many schemes and plan like e-governance, e-education just because of digital India.

Knowledge becomes bliss just because of it, and Digital India has become a significant initiation.

Digitalization turn the table of every system.

Digitalization turns the table not only in education but also in many fields. The pace and speed of every system have become fast and hustle free you don’t need to stand in row or crowd for taking governmental service. Now we can get benefits or services as a blinking of eyes.

Digital India means delightful India.

Five years have passed since the government launched digital India; it has very a heavy effect on India’s system; India has become faster than earlier.

So that we can say Digital India means Delightful India.

The root pillars of this campaign:

The root pillars which give more stability to this campaign are-

  • Fill the gap between government and public
  • Reduce paperwork and make the process of government system faster
  • Launched various educational plan and scholarship portal for spreading awareness
  • Launched a cashless economy

Service provides under digital India:

A lot of schemes was launched, and some of them are on hand, so let us take a short review of the services of digital India, a few among them:

  • My Gov. in
  • Bhim app
  • e-sign framework
  • Swacha Bharat Mission mobile app
  • e-pathshala
  • Bharat Net
  • National scholarship portal
  • Make in India
  • e-hospital
  • Digi locker

We know about digital India’s advantage, but there are a few digital India disadvantages too, by which it is a little bit negative means it lives a deep impact on health, not only physical but mental, too; the digital environment has become a leading cause of insomnia. It controls the system utterly if there will become one little issue in any system it can stop your all process when you have to do something important on the system, fewer chances of this may be but clearly we can’t neglect this although there are lots of benefits.


India has been developing with digital India initiation speedily because of honorable PM; it opens all the doors of opportunities to and knowledge and gives India a wing of development.

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Best of luck.

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