6 Most historical places to visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan houses some of the most lavish and aristocratic ancient attractions best highlighting its royal past. Amer Fort is an inciting attraction with awe-inspiring Mughal architecture and marble courtyards worth exploring. Next on, the glorious Albert Hall Museum which houses some of the most pivotal relics and murals should make it up on travel itinerary. 

Tourists book the best Rajasthan tour packages to explore the amusing City Place which is an outstanding palace complex housing numerous attractions highlighting the glorious India under British rule. Other splendid and bewildering attractions are Jaigarh fort and Chittorgath fort which are worth a trip.

  • Amer Fort: Architectural Marvel

Admirers of ancient forts and buildings will find Amer fort a fairly distinguished and fascinating attraction with an exemplary history worth knowing about. Situated in the enchanting town of Amer in Rajasthan, the glorious fort has Mughal architecture inspired intricate interiors and lavish detailing made of marbles and Sandstones. 

The fort has three colossal and bewildering courtyards, the famous Sheesh Mahal of the 16th century, splendid archways and gardens, promising to take you back in time. Another one of the most breath-taking attractions in the fort is the unique Sila Devi temple which has golden and silver adorned walls and exquisite glass detailing which are the works of some of the most marvellous artists in the past.

  • Albert Hall Museum: Illuminating Hours

Albert Hall Museum is one of the most bewildering and oldest functioning museums of Rajasthan which attracts a large crowd annually. Albert Hall museum consists of a ravishing collection of silverware, unique jewellery, artefacts, paintings and antiques which best highlight the British rule in India. Not only this, the museum is a fine example of the popular Indo-Saracenic architecture and was built by the British Invasion in the year 1881. The museum, houses an enthralling Egyptian Mummy, distinct textiles, sculptures and murals as well as encapsulating pottery. Take a guided tour around the museum and get teleported into the pre-Independence time in India.

  • City Palace: The Royal Abode

The city palace of Rajasthan is a flamboyant and lavish architecture situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan dating back to 400 years. Located on the banks of Lake Pichola, this humongous palace complex structure has numerous attractions, extraordinary courtyards, incredible monuments like Lake Palace and Jagdish temples, monsoon places and more. 

This city palace is lavishly decorated with marble designs, murals, silver shrines and statues, archaic inscriptions and more, giving it a very aristocratic look. The bewildering history of City palace and the myriad of wars and attractions it has undergone make it one of the most enthralling tourist spots in Rajasthan.

  • Jaigarh Fort: Glimpse Of Victorious Past

Overlooking the scenic and extravagant stretch of Aravali Hills, Jaigarh Fort is a distinct tourist attraction situated in Amer, Rajasthan. Constructed initially to provide security to the exemplary Amer fort, the Jaigarh Fort is a unique setting which gives off a very rare aristocratic feeling. 

Studded with well-maintained verdant gardens, armoury and museums, it is a significant heritage site of Rajasthan. The fort also houses the world’s largest cannon which was used during the war between Rajputs and the Mughals. Discover a plethora of other exquisite attractions at this fort and experience the past of Rajasthan at its best.

  • Nahargarh Fort: Serene Ambiance

Amongst other forts of Rajasthan, built in order to defend the city of Rajasthan, Nahargarh Fort is a fabulous attraction and a definite addition to your travel itinerary. Overlooking the elongated stretches of Aravali Hills, this fort is commonly known as the “Abode of Tigers” because of the regular sightings of tigers here.

 Nahagarh fort houses splendid aristocratic suites, sandstone adorned courtyard and rooms, best highlighting the royal and antique aura of Rajasthan. This unique fort was once believed to be a paranormal site as well and attracts thrill seekers from around the world. Tourists can find intriguing relics, murals and lavish artefacts inside the fort.

  • Chittorgarh Fort: Magnificent Architecture

Known for its beauty and exemplary features, the lavish Chittorgarh fort is a top notch tourist attraction and a much admired UNESCO heritage site. This preprocessing and picturesque fort consists of a myriad of historic structures, resources, armoury, museums, suites, royal apartments, courtyards and lavish halls worth exploring. 

The Chittorgarh fort’s history consists of Rajasthan’s most inspiring rulers and royals who stayed here during their reigns and made exemplary changes as well. Visit this exotic site and take home a bag full of opulent memories. 

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