Aadhar Card update- Here’s how you can change or update your photo 2021 easy

In this article, We’ll understand how to update or change photo in Aadhar Card.

What is Aadhar card?

Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identification code number that is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI). It is one of the most common identification documents used and contains demographic and biometric data of an individual, including

  • name
  • address
  • contact details
  • photo &
  • bio metric details.

Aadhar Card

It is important to keep the Aadhar Card updated all the time to avail all the benefits and services.

How to change or update the photo in Aadhar card?

To make any changes in the Aadhar card, one can update through the Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) at the UIDAI official web portal or visit the nearest Aadhar Enrollment Center located in your area. Follow the mentioned steps:

STEP 1: Locate the nearest Aadhar Enrollment Center located in your area on the official UIDAI website by clicking CLICK HERE
STEP 2: Download the Aadhar Enrollment Form from UIDAI’s website. You can get the same from your Aadhar Enrollment Center.
STEP 3: You are required to Submit the duly filled form to the nearest Aadhar enrollment center.
STEP 4: You then are required to provide your bio metric details to the center executive. The center executive will then take your live photo on the camera.
STEP 5: Verify all the required details and then pay a fee of Rs. 100 plus GST is required to be made to get the Aadhar details updated.

Once having applied for Aadhar photo update, the same will be updated within 90 days. You can track the status of an Aadhar Card update online or offline using your URN (Update Request Number).

For a more detailed explanation, please check the YouTube how to video by clicking here.

How to download updated Aadhar card?

Follow the mentioned steps to download your updated Aadhar Card:

STEP 1: Visit the official Aadhar website by clicking on CLICK HERE
STEP 2: Under the option ‘Get Aadhar’, click on Download Aadhaar’. Next, click on the option ‘Aadhaar Number’ and Enter the Aadhar Number, CAPTCHA code and click on Send OTP.
STEP 3: Enter the OTP details to download your e-Aadhar.
the Aadhar card can also be downloaded using the following options mentioned below:
• Enrollment ID (EID)
• Virtual ID (VID)
• Name and Date of Birth.
• M Aadhar Mobile App
• Digi locker
• Umang App


Can the Aadhar card photo be changed online?

No, to update a photo in Aadhar, you are required to visit the nearest Aadhar Enrollment Center. To make the process easier, you can download the Aadhar Update Form from the official website of UIDAI.

• When am I required to update my Aadhar card?

As per the UIDAI guidelines, the Aadhar Card must be updated after every 10 years. Initially, the bio metric details of a child must be updated when he/she attains the age of 5 years and the same must be re-updated as the child reaches the age of 15 years.

• How long does it take to update the Aadhar card?

Including all the bio metric details and the photo, it takes around 90 days or even less to update an Aadhar card.

Will I be allowed to update my details in Aadhar as and when needed and required?

Yes, you can update your demographic or bio metric details anytime by visiting the nearest Aadhar enrollment center in your city. For any update in address, you can self-update through the official UIDAI website.

What is the fee that is required to be paid for the update on my Aadhar card?

After verifying all the documents , one is required to make a payment of 100 rupees for the update in Aadhar card.


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