How to make money from home in Kerala? Top 10 ways to earn money.


Work from home is the best way of earning money than full-time work. It makes one earn money without any stress or pressure. Many jobs offer you great income with work-from-home perks. The best work-from-home jobs are freelancer, affiliate marketing, online tutor, blogs, etc. In which affiliate marketing is the best work-from-home job as it acts as a promotion makes money easily.

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How to make money from home in Kerala without any investment

  1. Freelance writing.
  2. Write blogs and earn.
  3. Online Tutorials or Home Tuitions.
  4. Sell your skills/hobbies.
  5. Sell other people’s products online by becoming an affiliate.
  6. Sell your crafts and art.
  7. Call centers.
  8. Medical Transcription.
  9. By creating a youtube channel based on your skills.
  10. By renting your spare vehicles.

Freelance writing

freelance writing

Freelancer ranks first in online jobs as well as best work from home jobs. This platform offers one a wide variety of options from which one can choose their job based on one skill. This is the best among all as it gives the required time for one to finish the given work. Makes one finish the given work without any issues. This job provider gives you the best salary based on your work.

If you can do more than one task at a time makes you earn more money. The only disadvantage is that if you are just new to this site, then there will be difficulty in getting the chance as there will be professional who comes up with better rating makes one face a great challenge in getting a work in this platform.

There is also some restriction in sending an application to a company as the freelancer offers only minimum requests that can be given by the starter. But if one has the luck can become best in this platform with lots of earnings, makes freelancer be the best work from home job.

Needs to be a freelancer
  1. A PC with a decent Internet connection.
  2. Make sure that you have a better internet connection.
  3. Some elegantly composed unique composing tests of yours.
  4. Your English proficiency and grammar should be your strength and you must be very confident.
  5. You just spent time on the work to present it to be the best.
  6. You should be able to accept the rejection, as some might like your writing and some not.
  7. Try to be at your best and stand separate from the crowd.

Write blogs and earn.

Write blogs- how to earn  money from home

If you are good at communication and writing then this will be the perfect job, you can become a blogger. which is one of the best jobs that can be done by an individual. This will be a great opportunity for those who have good English proficiency and better communication skills. You can make lots of money with Google Adsense by introducing google promotions in your blog or webpage this will earn you a good income. Blogging is the best among all because of its scope.

This can bring you up with lots of money than other online jobs, but it takes lots of time to become successful in this field and there are lots of problems that you might face like hackers who might try to steal your domain. Try to be your best to be the best blogger as many of them started from scratch and developed to be the best blogger.

Needs for Blogging
  1. Set up a website identified with a trending topic.
  2. Must be able to gain more traffic for websites for which one should great skill in making the correct use of the keyword and should know about the rules of the sea to deliver SEO friendly content.
  3. Check for the eligibility criteria for google AdSense, once you found to have all the criteria then apply for Google Adsense and earn money.
  4. When your blog gets famous and an ever-increasing number of extraordinary guests visit your webpage and snap on the applicable promotions, you can have the confidence of a consistent progression of pay.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the one in which, you will get paid for promoting others’ products. This is the best source of income in the online media, as you will get paid for the customers who buy the product of an organization under your reference. This job deals only with the promotions that you make about a product of an organization on your website. For this, you have to analyze the offers that are given by different companies and choose one which satisfies your needs.

After placing the link on your website makes the work to be done. This is the best work from home job as one earns money without lots of pressure and the most important thing is that for this job there is no need for high investments makes this be the best job for the bloggers

  1. A PC with good specifications with a decent web association is required for this field.
  2. Set up a site identified with a fascinating point and show other items on your site.
  3. Join legitimate SEO methods to expand guests.
  4. Try to be patient and confident about what you are doing.

Online tutor

Online Tutor

This job suits those who like to educate others, educating at home or offering on the web classes is another extraordinary method to acquire cash from your home office. If a person with great knowledge can make use of this job, as it lets one share the information that they gain to others makes lots of money. Online classes are one of the most appreciated and the best source for both those who want to gain knowledge and for those who want to make money out of that. This job makes one do there work in a limited period like every day 2 to 3 hours, makes to be one of the suitable work from home job.

Nowadays there is a great demand for a good tutor, if you are good at teaching then you must go for this job as this helps to gain or recover your knowledge and at the same time, you can share the knowledge that you gained. This offers you good money and consumes less time than other online jobs.

  1. A PC with good specifications and a decent web association can do great for this job.
  2. Start demo classes and soon if you have great showing abilities, you will have the option to get more understudies.
  3. Begin applying for the post of online educators in different sites that offer online courses.
  4. For home educational costs, you simply need a room in your home with a table, board, and scarcely any seats to oblige 5-6 understudies.

Make money out of skills.

You can utilize your aptitudes and diversions to win cash from home. Making money with our skills makes you successful in earning money from home and for those who have a question about how to make money from home? and this will be a perfect answer for their job opportunities at home.

The aptitude can be anything going from yoga, reflection, heart stimulating exercise, moving, and singing, playing instruments, sewing, preparing, or making painstaking work. Cooking to cultivating to flame or cleanser making or even unknown dialect preparing, pick the one wherein you can consider yourself a specialist. This doesn’t need any sort of venture. You can begin a home calling as a yoga mentor, a vigorous exercise coach, a music educator, etc.

  1. Advance your concept of beginning your master class with your companions and with your neighbors.
  2. Choose your time plan in such a way, that you can keep it.
  3. Fix up a suitable and sensible cost so individuals are enticed to visit you. On the off chance that you provide a significant expense estimate, individuals probably won’t be intrigued.
  4. When you build up yourself, you can begin providing a significant expense estimate.

Money from arts and creativity

If you are creative and able to make the image in the form of art, then show it and sell it. On the off chance that you can make delightful handmade things or if you are a capable painter, you can consider gaining cash from home.

This is a great opportunity for those who have great arts that have to be sold. Nowadays, there is an expanding interest in vintage and handcrafted items. You can sell these items or artistic creations from your home or at some local presentations. You can sell your arts on the online website to make good money from home. Another approach to show these items is on certain sites which take a commission when somebody purchases your item. Even better, one can make one’s site for selling these things. You can sell your stuff on eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, or by posting a promotion on long-range interpersonal communication accounts.

But you must make confirm of your site as many websites might steal your work and make your work to be useless so make research on good sites and sell your work to make better money.

Call center

Call center

Call centers are one with the advancement of innovation, it is not any more essential for an individual working in a call place to be genuinely present in the workplace. You can telecommute as well. Selling your time and voice is another helpful method to acquire cash from home. But this job is based on your communication skills as one with good communication can make money with this job but this won’t suit for those who are not that good at communication. Analyze whether you are suitable for this job and join.

Needs for this job
  1. A calm alcove in your home.
  2. Incredible voice quality.
  3. The ability of social occasion data rapidly.
  4. Capacity to talk well and persuade individuals.
  5. A phone association and a PC with the proper programming were introduced to answer client questions.
  6. This activity requires starting preparing.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

The clinical record is also the best work from home job, that can be done from home and pays well. For this job, one must have good skill in listening. If you can type rapidly and have incredible PC aptitudes, you can take a stab at doing clinical records. This is the best work from home job which is being done at home by many people who are searching for a job. Specialists who make sound notes on patients need somebody who can record these notes to place them in quiet documents.

However, typically specialists search for low-maintenance transcriptionists. It’s a suitable job for individuals with great composing aptitudes and decent information on wellbeing subjects and clinical language. This job can earn you a good payment and it is an hour based work so there is no need to spend much time on it.

Needs for this job
  1. At first, you will require some particular preparation.
  2. You will require a fast web.
  3. Generally, a legitimate organization will furnish you with all the gear you need.
  4. You have to set up contacts with the individuals who are as of now in the business.
  5. Set a savvy plan according to your benefit so you can dedicate 100% to the activity during that period.

Create a YouTube channel based on your skills


Youtube has developed to be the best job for those who want to earn good money from home, this a great option to earn money without any organization. This is the best job that can be done by one own self-interest. There are so many ideas to get started with a youtube channel. You must be cautious about what you are doing.
Search for what people are looking for and deliver the content at your best. But make sure that you are not imitating the work of others as it will lead to creating a bad impression on viewers about your chancel. Your interest can be off cooking, sports, yoga, review, vlog, and crafts, etc… Youtube gives you a good payment based on your viewers, tries to deliver good content, and gets a benefit.

Rent your spare vehicle

renting cycle in kerela

Kerela is a huge attraction for tourists and couples because of its beauty. People often consider roaming around the state on their own and want to explore all by themselves. These people are in search of any mode of vehicles that would help them to roam around the state. You can help these people by renting your spare vehicles to them and let them use your vehicles as per the suitable terms and conditions and by this, you can easily earn money from home.

Needs for the income:
  1. A spare vehicle
  2. Listing your vehicle on platforms such as zoom car, etc.


Nowadays most often are made to sit at home and many are suffering without a job. Despite searching for a job, you can indulge yourself in an online job are start your career with the help of the internet as it helps you to be the one to get benefitted the most, analyze yourself and include yourself in any one of the online jobs and get benefited.

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