Top 50 Unicorn Startups in India 2022

Unicorn startups in India are the new moonshot among the generation. With their intuitive idea and efforts, every growing startup wishes to hit the valuation of 1 billion dollars to label itself as a unicorn. What’s the time? It’s time to become Atmanirbhar. The startup is like that new ride of adventure in the fair with most of the crowd.

 Throughout the years, India has become the home of revolutionary startups in today’s world of tech and development.

Many Indian startups registered themselves as unicorn startups and remarkably shook the industry. Counting the numbers, we know India reached the milestone of 105 unicorn startups in July 2022. These startups are changing the way we live, work and socialise. From food delivery to ride-sharing, these companies are making a great impact in making life easier for everyone involved.

List Of The Top 50 Unicorn startups in India

With the growing age and time, not only did the number of startups grow but the positive elevation can also be seen in their valuation.

Listing the Unicorns that transfigured the market as well as people worldwide.


Indian giant e-commerce and the most valuable startup in India, Flipkart, made itself the 10th largest e-commerce company in the world. By Introducing the genius idea of cash on delivery to Indian customers, Flipkart opened the gates of hospitality to online shopping.

FoundersBinny Bansal, Sachin Bansal
valuation $37.6 billion (July 2021)
IndustryEcommerce, Marketplace
tagline“Naye India ke saath”

Makemy Trip

Checking out Indians from long queues and introducing them to online booking of not only railways or airways but getaway hotels, beach houses and all kinds of staycations, Makemy trip made its way into the hearts of Indians, and its rise got it registered into Indian startup unicorns.

FoundersDeep Kalra
valuation$2.52 billion 
IndustryOnline travel
tagline“Dil Toh Roaming Hai”


Providing a platform to both publishers and advertisers that helps in optimising the ranks of the advertisements offered on mobile phones. The mobile advertising app offers great deals on products through convincing advertisements.

FoundersAbhay Singhal, Amit Gupta, Mohit Saxena, Naveen Tewari, Piyush Shah 
valuation$12 billion (April 2021) 
IndustryAdvertising, digital media
tagline“Where entrepreneurs work.”


The established unicorn startup Paytm offered users to sign up for merchandise without having bank accounts. Paytm wallets captured the interests of many users making online payments easier and accessible.

FoundersVijay Shekhar Sharma
valuation$16 billion 
IndustryE-commerce Finance
tagline“Paytm karo”


The early 2010s marked the success of India’s largest mobility platform and the world’s largest ride-hailing company, OLA. Creating partnerships with cab drivers and owners led to its business worldwide.

FoundersBhavish Agarwal, Ankit bhati
valuation$7.3 billion
tagline“Chalo niklo”


The food delivery app masters the industry with its mind-blowing marketing strategies. Whether with creative taglines on flex boards or hyping itself with different trends and tweets, Zomato never fails to advertise itself, thus justifying its place in the top 50 unicorns of India.

FoundersDeepinder Goyal, Pankaj Chaddah
FoundedJuly 2008
valuation$ 5.4 billion
IndustryOnline food ordering and Retail
tagline“Every meal matters”


The business model credited its success to a strong set of founders and the magnificent approach of providing this platform to small buyers and sellers. The logistics furnished the startup and made it a unicorn startup.

FoundersSujeet Kumar, Amod Malviya, and Vaibhav Gupta
valuation$3.1 billion (Jan 2021)
IndustryE-commerce, Supply chain management, B2B
tagline“Kholo munafe ka shutter”


“Lenskart is a brand with a vision”. Offering services in both online and offline modes and using the latest edge-cutting technologies, the company grounded its roots in great depth.

FoundersPeyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, Sumeet Kapahi
valuation$4.32 billion (April 2022)
tagline“How do i look.”


Swiggy enrolled their value chain highly into customer-required ways. Offering great deals on day-to-day orders and channelising door-to-door quick deliveries made it a success.

FoundersNandan Reddy, Sriharsha Majety, and Rahul Jaimini
valuation$5.5 billion (July 2021)
IndustryFood delivery
taglineSwiggy Karo, Phir Jo Chahe Karo! 

Oyo rooms

CEO Ritesh Agarwal brought the world’s most affordable hotel chain OYO. The predictable and low-cost accommodations with easy booking welcomed a great audience to its premises.

FoundersRitesh Agarwal 
valuation$9 billion (July 2021)


Postman emerged as India’s most valuable SaaS startup. An easy-to-use API tool that can be easily installed to perform API testing effortlessly.

FoundersAbhijit Kane, Abhinav Asthana, Ankit Sobti
valuation$5.6 billion (August 2021)
IndustrySoftware, Developer Tools, Developer APIs,


Setting up a customer base with robust marketing strategies, Nykaa made its name in the most competent brand player in the cosmetic industry.

FoundersFalguni Nayar
valuation$2.3 billion (June 2021)
tagline“Your beauty, our passion.”


Franchising its presence in online and offline stores, Firstcry established its hybrid business model in the Unicorn startup list of India. The brand solemnly focused on making kids wear a priority and gained fame.

FoundersSupam Maheshwari, Amitava Saha, Prashant Jadhav, Sanket Hattimattur
valuation$2 billion (March 2021)
tagline“Asia’s favourite baby and kid’s shopping platform”


A fast, affordable and secure platform for making online payments without charging huge sums of translation fees, Razorpay offers great modes of payment to merchants and other small startups.

FoundersHarshil Mathur, Shashank Kumar
valuation$3 billion (April 2021)
IndustryFintech, Financial Services


The founders’ strong business model with excellent services to the customer made zerodha an acceptable online trading platform. It offers quick trades and proved itself best for active traders.

FoundersNithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath
valuation$2 billion (June 2021)
tagline“The free trade zone”

Pine labs

An intelligent approach towards capitalising macro market trends made pine labs a user’s favourite. The idea was to focus on the merchant’s needs and provide the best-suited and needed model.

FoundersRajul Garg, Tarun Upaday
valuation$5+ billion (March 2022)
IndustryFintech, Financial Services, Payments
tagline“We make your business future-positive.”


It is a customised model that collaborates with grocery stores, thus becoming India’s largest online grocery store. Fast deliveries and the required concern for customers’ needs made this startup a unicorn.

FoundersHari Menon, V.S. Sudhakar, Vipul Parekh, Abhinay Choudhari and V.S. Ramesh
valuation$1.85 billion (March 2021)
tagline“Har Din Sasta.”


The startup not only customised the highly unorganised car industry of the country but also made it diverse. Shifting the sale and purchase of old used cars to an online platform opened the options of diversity to the user.

FoundersGajendra Jangid, Mehul Agrawal, Ruchit Agarwal, Vikram Chopra
valuation$1.6 billion (July 2021)
IndustryB2C, Ecommerce, AI
tagline“Car bechni ho, toh Cars24”

Physics Wallah

Breaking stereotypes and making skilled talent a ladder, CEO Alakh Pandey grew his Ed-tech to be India’s 101st unicorn startup. Pandey focused on the number of students reached and the quality of content delivered to them, thus making an impact on millions of students.

FoundersAlakh Pandey
valuation$1.1 billion+ (June 2022)
IndustryEdtech, Elearning
tagline“Padhai ko manage mat karo …. life ko manage karo”


Multiple offerings and taking advantage of the shift of learning platforms to online, Unacademy made itself the platform to be there for students for all kinds of entrance exams whether graduate or postgraduate.

FoundersGaurav Munjal, Hemesh Singh, Roman Saini, Sachin Gupta
valuation$3.44 billion (August 2021)
IndustryEdtech, E-learning
tagline” Invaluable Treasure of Incredible India”


The startup aims to reach many customers by collaborating with salons and spas across India. The unique business model got its fair share of success rapidly.

FoundersDarpan Sanghvi, Priyanka Gill
valuation$1.2+ billion (November 2021)
IndustryCosmetics, Beauty, Marketplace
tagline“Have you had your first Fruitgasm?”


With the Digitization of healthcare items and reaching vast corners of the country, pharmeasy emerged as India’s No.1 healthcare aggregator. Doorstep delivery of healthcare objects is easy and swift.

FoundersMikhil Innani, Dharmil Sheth and Dhaval Shah
valuation$5.6 billion (October 2021)
IndustryHealthcare and Online Pharmacy
tagline“Take it easy PharmEasy’

Digit insurance

Trusted by over 2 cr customers for health, motor and travel insurance within just 4 years, digit insurance made its way into the unicorn list. 

Founders$4 billion (May 2022)
valuation$4 billion (May 2022)


The startup focuses on customer experience and incorporating consumer needs into one app that pays bills, offers loans and tracks credit scores with time.

FoundersKunal Shah
valuation$2.2 billion (April 2021)
IndustryFinancial Technology
tagline ‘Suraksha Aur Bharosa Dono’

Coin DCX

A trading platform that promises users reliable, secure and fast trading. The across-the-board ecosystem provides all kinds of trading options to the users.

FoundersNeeraj Khandelwal, Sumit Gupta
valuation$2+ billion (April 2022)
IndustryCryptocurrency, Blockchain, Fintech
tagline“Your Gateway to Crypto.”


The unicorn startup stands on digital efficiency and massive customer engagement. Successful enrollment of over 11 million customers and high effective deals made it a unicorn.

FoundersAnkit Nagori, Mukesh Bansal
valuation$1.5 billion (November 2021)
IndustryHealthcare, wellness


The blackbuck company revolutionarily brought offline trucking services online. The contract truck services promise to track their shipment throughout.

FoundersChanakya Hridaya, Rajesh Yabaji, Ramasubramaniam B
valuation$1.02 billion (August 2021)
IndustryLogistics, Transportation


With a valuation of 1.2 billion dollars the company became a unicorn startup providing end to end services for both buyers and sellers.

FoundersSandeep Aggarwal
valuation$1.2 billion(August 2021)
IndustryAutomotives, B2B, Marketplace
tagline “Miley feeling nai wali”


The startup aims to service the Medicaid population of the country. Successful clinical drives and enrollment of over 24 million people digitally helped its way out to be a unicorn startup.

FoundersSandeep Gupta
valuation$1.3 billion (February 2021)
tagline “Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with the Innovaccer Health Cloud”

Coinswitch kuber

Allowing traders to withdraw their earnings instantly and making itself a popular choice by adding features like no lock-in period. Easy and secure liquidity made it a successful unicorn.

FoundersAshish Singhal, Govind Soni, Vimal Sagar Tiwari
valuation$1.9 Billion (October 2021)
IndustryCryptocurrencies, Financial Services
tagline“Buy, Sell, Trade.”


Dedication and commitment toward the customers made this wide range of brand customers’ favourite. The innovative marketing strategies and use of only natural ingredients brought it success in no time.

FoundersVarun and Ghazal Alagh
valuation$1.1 billion+ (December 2021)
IndustryEcommerce, Health and Wellness
tagline‘Goodness Inside’


MPL’s intuitive business model that incorporates in -app purchases and making revenue through advertisements helped it make a place in the startup industry.  

FoundersSai Srinivas Kiran G, Shubh Malhotra, Shubham Malhotra
valuation$2.3 Billion (September 2021)
IndustryGaming, ESports
tagline‘Game Khelo Hero Bano’


Online payment made reliable and shifted from cumbersome cash to instant scan. Easy transfer of money and many more features enrolled made, the app a choice of 125 million active users every month.

FoundersBurzin Engineer, Rahul Chari, Sameer Nigam
valuation$5.5 billion (December 2020)
IndustryFintech, Mobile Payments
tagline“Karte Ja. Badhte Ja,”


Online share trading was made easy and understandable by the startup through its cost-effective brokerage plans.

FoundersRaghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Shrinivas Viswanath
valuation$1 billion+ (November 2021)
IndustryFintech, Financial services, Trading platform
tagline“Start Karke Dekho.”


One of India’s leading online tutoring apps made its way out by localising students from all over the country to one screen.

FoundersVamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena, and Anand Prakash
valuation$1 Billion+ (September 2021)
tagline‘Zindagi Ka Syllabus’


This unicorn startup offers a zero investment business model to small businesses across the country and thus making it easy for in-shop sellers to sell their products online on meesho. The cost-effective and relatively affordable products gathered the attention of Indian customers.

FoundersVidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal
valuation$4.9 billion (September 2021)
tagline ‘Not just a homemaker, a Meesho Entrepreneur’


Car Dekho is India’s largest online Auto Portal. The company welcomes a massive lead of 15 million visitors every month.

FoundersAmit Jain, Anurag Jain
valuation$1.2 billion (October 2021)
IndustryAutomotive, Ecommerce
tagline“Bharosa Kar Ke Dekho”


The OR code scanning payment app takes care of its customers by providing discreet payment methods. The user-friendly transaction app provides merchant credits at a cheaper rate thus making itself a favourable choice.

FoundersAshneer Grover, Bhavik Koladiya, Shashvat Nakrani
valuation$2.85 billion (February 2022)
IndustryPayments platform, Fintech, Financial Services
tagline‘Ab se Dukandar is king’


The firm aims at making it easier for people to seek job opportunities and does a good job in linking companies with white-collar workers.

FoundersNirmit Parikh
valuation$1.1 Billion (September 2021)
IndustryEmployment, Recruiting, Human Resources
tagline“Get a Job. FASTER.”

Urban company

The preeminent startup made it highly accessible to avail easy services of spas and saloons at the door. The home accessed services made it a choice in 11.5 million orders.

FoundersAbhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan and Raghav Chandra
valuation$2.8 billion (June 2021)
IndustryHome Services


The start-up’s ultimate kingpin is a mentorship rather than putting a course online. The interactive effort by the team registered it as a unicorn.

FoundersMayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, Ravijot Chugh, Ronnie Screwvala
valuation$1.2 bn (August 2021)
IndustryEdtech, E-learning
tagline“A journey as dynamic as us.”


The major approach of the app was simple as it gave the user a platform to create content and post it in their local language. Today the share chat app has active users of 250 million.

FoundersAnkush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Faris Ahsan
valuation$3.7 Billion (December 2021)
IndustryInternet, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Social Network
tagline“best of India by best of India”


The company’s belief in doling out excellent experiences to its customers bought it fame and admiration.

FoundersAlbinder Dhindsa, Saurabh Kumar
valuation$1 billion(June 30, 2021)
IndustryEcommerce, Grocery, Delivery
tagline“Lets blink it”


The leading company sells one of the finest ranges of affordable audio ear wears. The startup started from scratch and built a unicorn trusted by over 2 million customers.

FoundersAman gupta, sameer mehta
valuation$1.5-2 billion
IndustryConsumer electronics
tagline“Plug Into Nirvana”

Mohalla tech

A software company known for its share chat and moj apps. The company works in providing designs and develops social media platforms for sharing high-quality quotes, videos, images, news concrete etc. 

FoundersAnkush Sachdeva, Farid Ahsan and Bhanu Singh
valuation$3.7 billion (December 2021)


India’s effective online learning educational program that provides innovative services of teaching has boosted ed-tech remarkably.

FoundersByju Raveendran & Divya Gokulnath
valuation$16.5 Billion (July 2021)
IndustryEdtech, Distance education, M-learning
taglineFall in love with learning


The fast-growing e-commerce is picking up pace in India as investing in a  wide range has profited their market a lot.

FoundersNitin Aggarwal , Supam Maheshwari
valuation$1.1 billion


The raw material procurement aims at the manufacturing of the industries.

FoundersAsish Mohapatra, Bhuvan Gupta, Chandranshu Sinha, Nitin Jain, Ruchi Kalra, Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Vasant Sridhar
valuation$5+ billion (December 2021)
IndustryBuilding Materials, FinTech
tagline“The more unsexy a business, the more profitable it”


The largest insurance company in the country has also spread its roots in the UAE. The platform provides insurance in an easy and accessible way.

FoundersYashish Dahiya, Alok Bansal and Avaneesh Nirja
valuation$2.4 billion (July 2021)
IndustryInsurance Company
tagline‘Har Family Hogi Insured’


The fantasy platform that offers a variety of sports gathers the fascination of public interest not only in cricket but also basketball, hockey, football etc worldwide.

FoundersBhavit Sheth, Harsh Jain
valuation$8 billion (November 2021)
IndustryFantasy Sports, IT
tagline“Jab Dream bada ho, toh koi akela nahi hota. Dream Big, Dream11”


The one-stop meat shop for easy and fresh meat and seafood is the first meat brand in India to be FSSC 22000 certified. Thus enormous popularity and fresh deliveries made their way to becoming unicorn startups.

FoundersAbhay hanjura,Vivek gupta
valuation$1 billion+
IndustryE-commerce, Meat products
tagline“For the love of meat”


Experts’ stats reveal that we all should be ready to welcome many more brilliant unicorns by 2025. Collectively, Indian startups have renowned the country by making it the 3rd largest startup ecosystem and ranking it  19th in the top 100 countries producing the most successful startups. It can be said that despite the economic crisis due to the pandemic amid covid 19, these unicorns supported the backbone of the Indian economy successfully.

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