Top 15 Best Apps To Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish quickly and in the most exciting way through Spanish learning apps. This article covered the best apps to learn Spanish if you want to learn the language for school events or build a fluent language skill. Language learning is one of the most aptitude-increasing activities.

The Latin-originated Spanish language has over 400 million speakers, and why not? Spanish is a language of romance. In handy smartphones, you can quickly master Spanish through different apps. Numerous Spanish learning apps offer a variety of learning styles and methods.

How to learn Spanish? 

There are many Spanish learning apps if you want to learn Spanish online. If you want to include the language in your daily usage, you should try the following best ways to learn Spanish:

  • Watch Spanish movies and series.
  • Listen to Spanish podcasts.
  • Listen to Spanish music. 
  • Use small phrases of Spanish in daily conversations
  • Download Spanish learning apps

The best way to learn Spanish

To know the best way to learn Spanish, can be either reading Spanish, listening methods, or writing methods.

The best way to learn Spanish and fit it into your daily schedule is through different Spanish learning apps that take the least of your time and are the easiest way to learn Spanish.

List Of Top 15 Best Apps to learn Spanish at Every Level

Throughout the internet, there are many apps that you can try out to learn Spanish. Mentioning the top 15 apps that are the best to learn Spanish:

Babbel: Your shortest path to a real-life conversation

The app offers a great variety of languages to learn. This app to learn Spanish is an excellent option as it uses the approach of cognitive techniques that absorb the language through all six memory stages of the brain.

It has games, podcasts, stories, and more, designed to improvise long-term memory by thoroughly exploring the language. Working by their motto of learning, reviewing, and retaining it, Babbel has become a choice of many as an app to learn Spanish.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $13.65 / month

Duolingo: everyone can Duolingo

Duolingo has become one of the most popular Spanish learning apps. The app does not believe in the path of teaching any language; instead, it gives the user a new experience. Its various levels are designed to enhance the online learning experience. Learn Spanish for free on Duolingo.

The app is built with an approach to building the foundation of language in an individual. The implicit perspective of teaching and its linear curriculum brings it to the choice of millions who name this app the easiest way to learn Spanish. So if you are looking for a fun experience in learning Spanish online, download the app now!

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – Free (Duolingo plus for $6.99 / month)

Pimsleur: Speak like a native. Read with confidence. Enjoy

Pimsleur uses audio lessons, one of the easiest ways to learn Spanish, making learning easy and focusing on inner core incorporation. If you want to improve your reading and speaking skills in Spanish, Pimsleur is one portable app to learn Spanish.

Based on Paul Pimsleur’s internalization of new language in the brain, the app aims at developing a solid vocabulary and active anticipation skills. The organic learning of conversations makes exchanges more effective and impressive.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $20.95 / month

FluentU: Learn Languages With Audiobooks

Among various Spanish learning apps FluentU also provides exposure to new vocabulary and an effective way to adapt listening and speaking capabilities. The main plan is to make this thorough and fun learning method the fastest way to learn Spanish.

You will find interactive real-life videos that take different forms and thus create an immersive learning experience. The subtitles of commercials, music videos, interviews, and more help the user build an in-mind learning interface.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $29.99 / month

Lingvist:  level up your vocabulary

If you want to improve your hold on the vocabulary of Spanish, lingvist is an amazing fit for you. The app first channelizes you to the variety of Spanish you want to learn. After choosing the type, it takes you on a journey of fun learning. 

Tailoring lingvist courses through various decks and using the scientific method of knowledge retaining through flash cards. Create your decks to master Spanish in your comfort of growth.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $9.99 / month

Busuu: Speak a language in 10 minutes a day

It is the best app for mastering oral Spanish. The app looks into all Spanish spheres, whether writing, speaking, reading, or listening. The teaching approach is broadly through communication and is very similar to how it’s taught in the classrooms.

This Spanish learning app will organize everything for you, the time you want to learn Spanish, the date to reach your goal, and your learning plan. Everything is covered in the app. The record and play of alternate dialogue exchanges will help you capture phrases under your sleeve.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $5.83 / month

Memrise: building next-level learning tech

Memrise gives you an option between Mexicana and Castalian Spanish. The sole idea of this unique app is to memorize the words and then analyze your learning through different tests like translation, sentences, and choosing the right word. 

This Spanish learning app promises the user the fastest way of learning Spanish. Learn through videos, audio, texts, images, and all the fun ways incorporated into one app. Try the limited version and learn Spanish for free, but if you want to master Spanish, its premium is worth it!

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $5.00 / month

Speakeasy:  communicate better

Speakeasy mainly focuses on the communication setup of the language. It offers you pronunciation guides that help the user to take up the native accent of the language. It is a user-friendly app most suitable for those who travel and want to learn Spanish. An easy pocket guide with flashcards and quick revision of the past lessons has the language on the fold.

This Spanish learning app does not provide any feature to learn Spanish for free; you have to buy the course to kick start your learning.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $1.99 / pack

Rosetta Stone: live life fluenty

The rosetta stone is the catch if you are learning Spanish from scratch! The app uses immersion techniques to stimulate the language in your real life. Sequenced sentences and words use contextual lessons and extended learning features.

You can not learn Spanish for free, it offers a free trial of 3 days, but if you want to continue learning, you have to buy its premium. This Spanish learning app also provisions live lessons with native speakers, so if you are more into communicative learning, download the app now!

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $12 / month

MosaLingua: fake it til you make it

The effective technique of spaced repetition learning is being practiced in this app. Adapted lessons and a huge multimedia library are among the many benefits of learning Spanish from this app. This app offers you a free trial, but you can not access the whole course for free.

You should try this app to stamp Spanish in your long-term memory and catch various most used phrases and clauses. Customize the flashcards and learn in your way.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $5.00 / month

Drops: 5 minutes to learning

Consistency brings results, and this app follows it throughout teaching Spanish. Every day,5 minutes to the app to hit fluency in speaking Spanish. This visual learning approach is a scientific approach to building stage memory.

It offers you a variety of topics, to begin with, and you can start with any topic of your choice. There are subtopics to the topics and further divisions that build the core of the language through visual picture learning. Learn Spanish free for 5 minutes daily and if you want to access the full benefit, take its subscription and enjoy happy learning.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $9.99 / month

LingQ: learn through reading

If you are looking for authentic content of Spanish and reading is your forte, then LingQ will be your app to learn Spanish. It provides you with articles, texts, interviews, and podcasts that you can read, listen to and grasp the language easily.

To learn Spanish from this app, you should have a basic idea of Spanish, and you can easily access everything in the app. Using various tools, you can track your progress and self-analyze your language learning journey.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $7.99 / month

Beelinguapp: listen to speak

The karaoke reading option is the main headlight of this app. The easiest way to learn Spanish is if you get sidewise parallel texts of your native language. This app to learn Spanish is highly intuitive and interesting.

You can do both reading and listening practices through it. Once you buy the subscription, you can even use the app offline. This Spanish learning app will make your Spanish learning fun, and in no time, you will be able to conversate in Spanish easily.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $24.99 for complete version

HiNative: talk to know

The conversation is the ground for learning any language; the app brings people from all over the world and teaches interactively. Making Spanish learning a fun ordeal by chatting with people worldwide.

The learners interact with the natives who guide them in their daily reading and writing assignments. You can ask questions about Spanish, and as it has a mega user base, the native speakers of Spanish will answer your questions.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $6 / month

Mondly:  first to offer virtual reality

Think in the language if you want to speak it fluently, and keeping before this approach, the app is becoming the favorite of millions of users.

Learn Spanish with the help of pictures, audio, and SRS techniques. This is one of the best apps to learn Spanish, which features a chatbox where you can chat with the AI processor and pro your conversational skills in Spanish.

Available on – Android | IOS | Website

Price – $9.99 / month


Spanish is a beautiful language to learn so give a push to your learning through any of the suitable apps and learn Spanish online. Your wonderful Spanish lessons are just one click away from your pocket!

Feliz aprendizaje!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn Spanish?

According to research and reports, it takes about 1.5 years of consistent efforts to be fluent in the language. If you want to become an efficient Spanish speaker, the reason behind learning Spanish should be motivating enough to keep the fire engine of learning ignited in you.

The learning speed depends on person to person and the way they choose to learn Spanish. Many people have become fluent in speaking and writing Spanish by consistently giving at least 3 hours to it. Many Spanish learning apps offer courses of a fixed period that helps you practice the language in the given period.

Is Spanish easy to learn?

Spanish is one of the most attainable languages for English speakers. Being a wide-range language, many people choose Spanish. The tranquillity of learning Spanish highly depends upon an individual’s mother tongue as the relative connectivity to the language plays a vital role in the speed of grasping the language.

The most crucial factor is the interest in the language. If you have enough interest to spend at least 3 hours learning Spanish, then there is no hard way for you. Whatever method you choose, whether learning Spanish online through Spanish learning apps and websites or offline 

language learning classes or how you choose is an easy goal for you.

How to learn Spanish for free?

Many apps like Duolingo that you can choose to learn Spanish for free. Other than apps, various websites like have free online courses teaching Spanish through various assessment tasks and lectures. 

Apps to learn Spanish offer a limited free period and provide full experience on subscription. Many apps like Memrise, Mondly offer great deals and effective ways to learn Spanish.

How to learn Spanish fast?

 Reports statics say that it takes about 1.5 years to be fluent in Spanish if you learn the language daily, giving it atleast 3 hours of your day. There is no specific fastest way to learn Spanish because learning any language depends on the language you are learning and the difficulty scale.

According to different researches, Spanish is a relatively easy language to learn for any English speaker. To grasp this language, you need to be consistent in your efforts. Communicate with native speakers, take online courses, and download and take a lesson from various apps online that promise to teach Spanish in the given time. Read Spanish books, watch Spanish shows and movies and learn the core fluency.

What is the best app to learn Spanish?

Many people chose Duolingo and Memrise as their best choices to learn Spanish. Both the apps are user-friendly and use effective interactive techniques to teach Spanish.

Duolingo is given an upper hand from various users for its free services, whereas to learn from memrise, you need to take its subscription.

You can try many other apps online; however, you like learning as various apps use various teaching techniques, so whatever method fits, you choose the app accordingly.

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