Advanced Threat Protection

In the modern world, people have become so comfortable with technology that it is difficult for us to imagine ourselves without it. Our work and professional lives are entirely set up around it. Right from the moment we get up to the moment we sign off the day, we are constantly mingling with some or the other form of gadgets and technology. So, where does Advanced Threat Protection come into picture? And what is the importance of it in our ‘modern technology driven’ lives? Let us all see!

Invention of the internet changed our lives. We are now able to access information sitting in the remotest corners of the world, which is remarkable. The information you require is literally one touch away from your reach. But when you are exposed to so much information, the possibility of threats, scams, and viruses also increases.

While you are surfing through the internet, various websites are able to watch your activity. Eventually, they can even track you down. One wrong click can be an opportunity for the hacker and lead him to all your personal information, and documents, and can also result in wiping out the data stored in your computer. This is usually known as a cyber threat.

To protect the confidential documents in your computer antiviruses like firewalls and legacy antiviruses were developed. But they can only protect your device to a certain extent, what about those advanced cyber threats the antivirus software is not able to diagnose? This is where Advanced Threat Protection or ATP comes into the picture.

What is ATP – Advanced Threat Protection?

As the name suggests Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), is a series of security solutions specifically designed to detect and prevent the cyber attack of malicious malware and advanced threats on the web as well under normal circumstances. This malware is in the most complex form and can be difficult to detect and control. It can lead to stealing, destroying, and leaking of confidential and sensitive information and if not controlled on time can cause an information breach.

We have been hearing the words ‘advanced threats and ‘complex threats’, but what exactly are these ‘advanced threats’? And how do they operate? Let us find out.

What is an Advanced Persistent Threat?

A threat can be considered as an advanced threat when the hackers target a particular organization, or they are well aware of various ways to keep their virus going on even in the presence of an anti-virus software. They have various backup tools and unlimited access to resources which can easily lead them to the main network.

The damage done by an advanced persistent treat (APT), can cause loss on a large scale, and can even be responsible for the downfall of the organization. Once they are in the system, every inch of data available on the device, will be exposed to the cyber-hackers. They have the ability to remain undetected for weeks, even months, and are also able to hide during the anti- virus searches. Some of the complex malware, also has the ability to rewrite its own code, based on the chances of being detected.

So, what are the most common ways an advanced persistent threat can infect your device?

Most common ways of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) infection:

  • One of the most common ways to hack into a device is by cracking the password. One that is done, the hacker gains the administrative control, and can manipulate it however he wants.
  • The direct installation of malware is another way of to grant access to the files on the computer. This allows to hacker to track your device activity, and gain access to confidential data.
  • Another way to infect, is by creating backdoors directly into the networks.
  • The most common way of hacking is phishing. Phishing is method in which the attacker disguises the virus in the form of a link and makes it look like it has come from a trusted source or company. When the user clicks on the link, he is actually letting the virus in his device.

Why is Advanced Threat Protection necessary?

As we are experiencing the progressive advancement in technology, we are also experiencing the advancement in the negative aspects of technology. The viruses and malware that are developed are more complex, and dangerous in nature. The attacks are unavoidable and the cost for repaying the damage is quite high.

No doubt the main target of these viruses is the entire workplace of organizations. Since the data is stored in multiple places and can’t be accessed by one device. Definitely the devices have anti- virus software programmed in them which act as primary defenders against the virus. But if the malware is complex and advanced it can get through the security system undetected.

Hence, it is crucial for organizations and big workplaces to have a strong end – point security system, to avoid the sabotaging of data. The concept of Advanced Threat Protection comes in here. The advanced and complex tools of ATP are suitable for the complex nature of the malware.

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How does Advanced Threat Protection work?

Complex viruses need complex solutions. And this is accomplished with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. No doubt that this field of learning is quite in demand in the education and market sector.

The Advanced Threat Protection solutions are majorly based on threat detection and prevention, instead of just damage control. It has 3 basic goals to accomplish:

  • early detection of the virus before they pose as a threat to the system.
  • the ability of the program to disintegrate the virus immediately after detection.
  • to fix whatever security damage and internal damage that has been done to the system.

There are certain core capabilities the Advanced Threat Protection services require to work:

  • Live or Real-time visibility: To detect the virus before it does any damage. This feature is important for the immediate detection of the potential threat.
  • Context of the threat: The Advanced Threat protection solution needs to specify the context of the threat so that security teams can prioritize and solve each threat respectively.
  • Data comprehension: The individuals working on the solutions must be well aware of the type of threats and their counter moves. They should be able to create solutions which are customizable and fit for the various types of malware. Awareness regarding the worth and depth of the data is also necessary.

Advantages of Advanced Threat Protection

The advantages of Advanced threat protection over your regular primary anti-virus software are plenty. Some of the major ones are as follows:

  • The threat visibility is omni – present. No matter on what you are working, and the number of sites open. The ATP services alert you through all the network traffic.
  • The organizations which incorporate the Advanced Threat Protection services in their devices are less prone to cyberattacks. And the attacks which take place, and immediately detected and stopped. Undoubtedly the attacks cause less damage, and data loss which can be repaired instantly.
  • The ATP service providers are able to retrieve the information regarding the actual damage caused by the virus, the severity of the attack, the data loss that has occurred in the system, the charges, etc.
  • Advanced Threat Protection also reduces the alerts from hoax virus threats. It increases the accuracy of actual threats which helps to focus on one main point and cut down distractions.
  • Another major advantage of the ATP solution is the ability to locate the threat no matter where it occurs and to take immediate action against it.

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By now we all are well aware of the threat each of us faces while working on our devices. Be it if you are working online, or just typing something in your device like I am, you are always openly bound to threats.

To avoid these unwanted viruses, from breaching information and data, it is absolutely necessary for us to update our devices with the Advanced Threat Protection services. These not only protect us on the primary basis but also protect the base of our network from completely being completely uprooted.

Anti-virus software and Firewalls provide protection up to a certain extent. Whereas, Advanced Threat Protection solutions, protect data till deep within the network.


Q1.)   Who all offer the Advanced Threat Protection solutions?

Ans: Intel, Fire eye, Blue coat, Checkpoint, Microsoft, and Fortinet are famous Advanced Threat Protection providing companies.

Q2.) Does Azure provide Advanced Threat Protection services?

Ans: Yes, Azure provides Advanced Threat Protection solutions.

Q3.) When was Advanced Threat Protection released?

Ans: Advanced Threat Protection was introduced in the year 2015.

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