Top 20 Startup Ideas in India 2022

Startup ideas in India should be innovative and eccentric to support the country’s vast population. A good startup is a fruit of determination and an idea that nurtures the targeted audience and the startup itself.

Startup ideas business had to go through varying challenges to set itself in the day-to-day lives of Indian consumers. With the growing pace of time, consumers have become more intellectual and cerebral; therefore; they want startup ideas in India to be more insightful, which not only benefits the user but also leaves a social impact.

How can you start a startup?

Before establishing any Startup idea in India, you need to be aware of the basic requirement before choosing the right fit business for yourself. Considering the population demand and knowing one’s own skill set and future business potential of the idea are the most significant aspects to be given thought on.

Startup ideas in India are sometimes welcomed with open arms by the public, but maximum times suffer keen trials among the audience, so the idea should pass all the survival stunts.

What are the best startup ideas in India?

India as a nation is diversified in many fields, and thus many Startup ideas nurture the population of the country. So here is the list of top 20 Startup ideas in India that can be an easy interest to you if you are looking for a Startup that can bring plenty of benefits to you.

List of Top 20 startup ideas in India:

Web Development

To make the 21st century more peaceful and prosperous than the 20th century, today’s challenge should be to both imagine and create technologies to make this happen. Our world is shifting from physical entities to this virtual sphere.

Web Development

Building New websites, apps, and software have become a necessity to survive in this fashion of the virtual world. This is a wonderful startup idea for students who hope for a future of progress. Students have a chance to convince themselves of a plan and to build a different future for themselves, starting with an investment of a bare minimum.


  1. Proficiency in coding
  2. Acceptable idea

Freelance Writer/Editor

Words connect people from the physical world to the things in the virtual world. For every website or app to operate, content writers must not only process what’s been happening but also demonstrate it to the world.

Freelance Writer Editor

Having a good grasp on language and a skill that allows them to play with words can make this a profitable startup idea for students.

There is an enormous need for a content writer, creative writer, editor, copywriter, proofreader, transcriptor, and endless variety. Choosing your hub accordingly and working on it can bring excellent results of consistent efforts.


  1. Excellent writing and editing skills
  2. Portfolio of written articles

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Video Creation/Editing

Everything online needs to be visually present before the consumer. Video creation may include creating videos as a creator for themselves or as an animator for specific brands and advertising companies.

With the number of videos online, the doors to the need for an editor who would make the videos orderly and presentable to the audience are wide open. Video editing and creating are two easy skills that can be learned from many platforms online, and one master can earn a handsome amount from the business itself.


  1. Website for display portfolio
  2. Learning and choosing a genre


Dropshipping is a noteworthy startup idea for a business. Awareness of the idea’s value after knowing one’s niche is the most important factor for critical success.

The business model demands a deep analysis of the competition and requirements in the area of operation.

Dropshipping stores can be built both online and offline after one finds a supplier. The startup calls for excessive marketing and schemes to bring it into the eye of the public.


  1. A supplier
  2. Website for the store


Podcasting is an excellent way to reach people with your thoughts.

This startup idea for students does not require much effort but recognizes one’s passion for researching different topics on which one can speak his/her heart out and legitimate material that can be addressed to the audience.


  1. A platform to telecast
  2. A good mic and audio setup

Digital Marketing

Of any new startup built, marketing is the most important asset. Digitally marketing the idea and the startup business can be a great startup. The startup needs intense knowledge about effective and attractive marketing strategies.

Maintaining a social presence among the netizens is very important for any startup idea. The business deals with making a brand popular and handling varying kinds of clients. One can digitally monetize their startup by marketing other startups


  1. Influential social media presence
  2. A core team

Export-import Business

A startup idea for a business needs to be very lucrative to bear the cost of setting up a business. Exporting and importing goods ideally proves itself to be a good fit. It is a promising business that is evergreen in its field.

Import and export of daily utility goods make a good revenue for both the exporter as well as the importer. The business provides huge employment opportunities and foreign profit.


  1. Choosing a niche.
  2. IEC code


In recent years a straight elevation can be seen in the growth of the ED-tech industry. The shifting of teaching online benefitted the ED-Tech group abundantly among the students. Putting up courses on the internet and teaching online has become a good profession for many people.

We can take examples from standing companies like Unacademy and Vedantu that how these startups Made themselves Unicorn startups.

It is a one-shot startup idea for students in high school or graduate or postgraduate studies who can teach various subjects online.


  1. Narrowing the niche
  2. Sustainable business model

Handmade utilities

Recent lockdowns witnessed the rise of small businesses all over the world. The huge number of small businesses emerged at the time in India itself and gave hope to people out there that how handmade utilities can be an easy and profitable startup

From handmade scrunchies to polaroid pictures or selling one’s own handmade art through various online platforms, profitable business Rings a bell.


  1. Investment for raw material
  2. Social media marketing

Household services

With excessive urbanization, Startup ideas in India are not limited to Selling entities, but the sale of one’s service is also in good fashion. Providing Household services that may include cleaning, babysitting, cooking, etc., to the customers can be a Handy startup idea for women.


  1. Website for display portfolio
  2. Available services

Organic Farming

The shift of farming to organic farming opens the gate of opportunity to try oneself in organic farming for too many people. Organic farming is a great field of interest and exploring new options for one’s business.

This business is a great revenue source and requires a good amount of labour strength. It includes understanding organic farming and its products and convincing marketing strategies to advertise.


  1. Organic Raw material
  2. Intense knowledge about farming

Recruitment Services

Recruitment services are evergreen Startup ideas for business. People suffer a lot in search of jobs and premises; thus, providing a platform that makes it easy for job seekers to assess different jobs around generates a safe source of income.


  1. Connections with different job firms
  2. Core team


If you have a keen eye for photography, then with a small investment of a camera, one can make a way out for a Startup in the field of photography.

It is a low-cost-investment startup that weighs skill and passion towards it. It does not require much labour strength but just the ability to scan and capture images that make an impact according to the needs of the client.


  1. DSLR or semi DSLR camera
  2. Photography website

Travel agency

If you have a skill set in research and planning, one can opt to open a travel agency that monitors the planning of different vacations for people.

Handicraft seller

People seek antique handicrafts, whether it is for portraying aestheticism or unique art. If you have a good hand at making handicrafts which can be handmade wall clocks, show pieces, or wall hangings, then you need a good strategy to publicize yourself.

This is a great startup idea for women looking for a Part-time business in homemaking.


  1. Raw material
  2. Website for display portfolio

Social media influencer

Social media has become a platform of great influence to the public, and if you possess the talent to create content for the netizens, it is a kick-start business for you.

Social media influencers make money by collaborating with different brands.


  1. Talent of creation
  2. Social media presence

Online tutoring

With the busy world and schedule, people tend to learn things online, so if you master a skill which is in demand to be learnt, you can sell your skill on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

This is An intuitive startup idea for women and men who have the skill of baking, cooking etc., which you can monetize by teaching it to the public. Online tutoring can be of any soft or hard skill. You can put yourself out to the public with your learnings and experience.


  1. Video camera
  2. A youtube channel and Instagram account


If you love putting your ideas and experiences into words, blogging is the right fit. Blogging is considered the most suitable Startup idea for women as it can be easily done from home. All you need to do is build a website and put your words on it.


  1. A blog website
  2. Excellent vocabulary

Online retail

Selling goods online is one of the best-suited business startup ideas for women. You can sell clothes, footwear, cosmetics etc, on your online store.

The online business stores have a record of making fortunes of wealth. It is an evergreen business and thus flourishes to great heights.


  1. Business model
  2. Payment getaways

Food Truck/Cafeteria

Food trucks are one of the highly evolved startup ideas businesses. This business idea does not require a big investment in its raw material and is very profitable.

Building your own cafe with your creativity according to the need in the area and marketing it on a good scale can bring you many customers, thus generating a hefty revenue.


  1. A food truck
  2. An interesting menu

How to market a startup?

Startup ideas businesses require immense marketing to set their feet in the industry. Some ways to market a startup are:

  • Social media promotion
  • Marketing through ads
  • Flex board holdings
  • Word of mouth

Which type of startups are most profitable in India?

Startups initiated by the government of India are the most profitable in India. These startups have government support as their investment backbone.

The government of India supports startups mainly from different government colleges and the startups that hold a great virtue as a social impact and can make a count of the country’s contribution to the world.

Startup types that benefit the most in India are mainly services of

  • Content writing
  • App development
  • Social media management
  • Website development
  • Dropshipping
  • Internet infrastructure building
  • E-commerce startups
  • Network Marketing

Which business is best in the future in India?

Our ancestors lived in a static zero-sum society, but with growing age and Technology, modern man discovered a new aspect of Living. The startups that are expected to be the best in future are:

  • Outsourcing business
  • Internet infrastructure building
  • Collaborative economy models
  • website infrastructure buildings


Building reality from imagination is the core idea of any business. What does a Startup have to do? Question the received ideas and rethink business from scratch.

No one can predict the future exactly, but we know two things: it’s going to be different, and it must be rooted in today’s world. All the startup ideas given above can only ride The Wheels of Success if it knows the road of clean Tech better than anyone.

The startup should tend to remember and exaggerate whatever is most unusual about it, and what matters to the consumer. It is important before starting any startup that, on the inside, every startup should be sharply distinguished by its work.

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