Truth Social App Download, Review, Features & Everything

The Truth Social app was launched on 21 February 2022 by the US’s Former president, Donald Trump, after he was abducted from the popular social networking site, Twitter. Donald Trump’s Truth social app was announced to be the social platform entertaining “Free Speech” from the users without discriminating against them based on their political beliefs.

What is the Truth social app? Trump Media and technology group announced a social networking app, the truth social app, with CEO Devin Nunes. The app is known for not having any communication guidelines; therefore, It claims to provide users with a restriction-free online podium to put forward their thoughts and beliefs.

How to download the truth social app?

The truth social app is available on apple stores to be easily downloaded. The android version of the app is not yet released, though the promise of its availability has been in the crowd for a while now.

When the truth social app was launched, the users downloading it were put on waiting lists, and different slots were allotted to people registering in the app. Now the app does not have waiting lists, so yes, if you want to download the truth social app:

  1. Open the apple store.
  2. Search “The truth social” and hit the download option.
  3. After downloading the app, register yourself with a username.
  4. Fill in the required credentials.

There you are set to go with the Truth social.

You can download Truth Social App by clicking here.

The Truth social recently acquired the No.1 spot in the apple store after the news of Elon musk buying Twitter. The app now has 1.2 million downloads; therefore, it can be said that Trump’s truth social status did gain popularity and success after all.

There was a recent launch of the web version of the Truth social, thus permitting access through different web browsers.

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Features of the Truth Social App

The Truth social app is running a long run in the race of networking apps. The app allows the user to experience diverse experiences.

Search and discover people to follow online.

The truth social app has the search option that facilitates the user to search for their favorite people to follow them and thus be updated about their posts, truths, and re-truths.

Post truths are publicly validating your opinion.

Validating people’s opinions, thus Donald Trump’s truth society gives you the chance to put your opinion forward in the form of Truth and a-trust.

Provision of re-truths.

Posts on the truth social app are shared in the form of truths, and if the user wants to reply to any truth posted, the reply is termed the re-truth.

Options For Uploading Different Media

The users have vast access to post images, videos, and GIFS. The users can also re-truth people’s posts by any of these mediums.

News feeds

The user experiences the feed according to the latest trends and the following persona. The truth social app uses the algorithm to make a suited feed for specific users.

Messaging experience from the other users.

The users get access to messaging other users and having conversations.

Liking Posted Truths and Re-truths.

Now you can like the truths posted by other users and even get the benefit of liking the re-truths of other users.

Blocking other users

The Truth is social gives privacy concerns and options of blocking other users and concern for your safety.

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Truth Social App Review

Public word of mouth says The Truth is social to be a clone of the leading networking social app Twitter. Many prime journalists reported that The Truth social is just a replacement of Twitter by Donald Trump, as, after the 6 January riots, the former president’s Twitter profile was removed.

  • The app reported glitches and slow processing issues in the initial days after launch. The audience found it to be boring.
  • Some users reported the slow posting of posts and no suggestions of feed when the user first joined the app.
  • The recent reports challenge the “free speech “ app for being imprecise in expression as the app is seen to hide users’ posts without a valid explanation.
  • The app promised itself to be free heaven as it claimed to not discriminate against users’ opinions on the basis of political beliefs, but The TRUTH social is entirely Trump’s Truth social, which does not entertain free speech for the former president and the US riots caused by Donald Trump.
  • The user posts are either hidden or deleted if they have referred to the capital riot or the recent news trend posts about abortion, and even the conservative’s posts were also hidden.
  • The Truth social appeared to be a manipulative and not a user-friendly app. The app is coming into sight using critics of shadow banning. Any post that is Anti-Trump or has any statement against the US government is shadowbanned by the app itself.
  • The analysis report views how sensitive topics like US inactiveness in the Ukraine and Russia war are being shadowbanned. According to the users, the app is centered around Donald Trump’s rant against the house.
  • Having no communication guidelines is giving open invitations to hate speech and rampant misleading information.

Is the Truth Social a clone of Twitter?

Many users believe so, and if you check the framework of the Truth social and user interface, it does appear to be a clone of Twitter. After the former president was kicked off from Twitter and Facebook, he announced the launch of his networking app. Donald Trump’s social media follows many features of Twitter.

  • If we have tweeted on Twitter, then the Truth social offers us the truths.
  • The re-tweets are referred to as re-truths in the real world.
  • On Twitter, you have a feed, search tag, and like the post: truths and re-truths options.
  • The blue twitter is the purple Truth social.

It can be said that Donald Trump’s Truth social is more or less like Twitter, but even if it hit a tough start, the Twitter backlash due to Elon Musk buying it did profit Truth social as many new users joined the app while a number of Twitter profiles were reportedly deleted. The app hit the first position in the apple store, benefiting from the twitter chaos.

When will the truth social app be for android?

The Truth social is not yet available for android users. The truth social android release date is assumed to be announced soon.

When in February 2022, the Truth social was launched, it was just developed for ios users. The android users do not have any access to the Truth social.

Android users cannot download The Truth social as it is not yet made available on the play store and android app store.

Recently, the news flashes of the Truth are available to access different web browsers as the web version was launched.

The news of the truth social android availability can be expected soon as the sources talk about the deal signed between the TRuth social officials and google,

We can expect its availability soon.

 Some sources think about the chances of pre-order accessibility of the android version, too, as it is in the ios version.

Is the truth social app free?

The Truth social app is a free app listed on the apple store, and there are no user reports of Truth social charging any amount to use. A rumor spread the Truth social charging the users, but it was soon proved false, misleading information.

The fact check made it known that Truth social does not charge anything.

Can you expect anything good in the future from Truth Social?

As the app has been growing exponentially in recent times, it can be expected that the app may provide many users. It can be hoped that the app may spread from the rear of the US to worldwide. THer are some loopholes that should be concerned in order to make the app user’s favorite.

  • Launching an android version soon to gather audiences all over the world rather than just limiting it to the IOS users.
  • The app should improve its processors, thus solving the glitch of slow posting.
  • The Truth social claimed itself to top the free speech app, but many reviews are entirely negative to its statement, so to experience its positive growth in the future, the trump media and technology should rather focus on employing some communication guidelines to avoid hate speech.
  • The app should not be focused on only the trump patriots, but a free opinion, so shadow banning should be the first thing to be considered.

If the app meets the user’s requirements, it can gather public attention worldwide easily.


The truth social app has secured its “big-tent” place in America’s list of networking apps. The easy profile setting and free use of this app is an excellent fit for the users. Enjoy posting truths and re-truth so people you admire and make your thoughts opinionated by the public.

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