What you want to change in society

This prevailing question that what you want to change in society everyone knows that our society is very pathetic and very bad for the living of the people or rather biased for the people as it clearly shows discrimination between the upper class and the lower class people of the society.


We all know that very clearly how much education is important. It is a fine thing, to be honest, but it is also very important to be right. we know that we honest to our work but if we are not anything right for society then it is of no use, to be honest. And in now and they’re in our lives asking others what you want to change in society. The government schools should be as strong as the private schools and it is also but there is no one for administration.

Hence the situation is still like that. The only way of making the benchmark for ruler level education is to have ground-level administration as well. By saying only that we want better education nothing is going to happen. We need the support of the people and their thinking level also because in this old school type government of leader 70 ages you can’t expect knowledge and creativity. Rightly said a leader is one who knows the way and shows the way.

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There is nothing more nourishing than happiness. The more the facilities people will have the happier they will be and relaxed because we know that the world has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed…so we could do that much only to have a good and happy life for everyone with equal status in the society so there is no need for raising this question what you want to change in society.

What you want to change in society

Jobs For Everyone

In India, there is a great rush for jobs even if the qualification is very high there is a very huge competition for seeking that job. Now it’s total government lookout to have ample opportunity for jobs, everyone, equally and with great zeal of knowledge.

But our government is busy giving free money to the people the government is making things very easy for them without doing any work they are getting everything. hence the government should think about new ideas rather consult with brilliant minds the youth of the country who is making a new startup that is very beneficial for the jobs intends.

Hunger crises

The answer to the question of what you want to change in society is that every day about 200 million people are hungry because they do not money or there daily wages are very low that they cannot buy food every day.

The food made in a wedding is made in such abundance that it can feed a lot of hungry people. Hence a great incentive is taken by Robin Hood army who help to feed a lot of hungry people daily. We should try and help them for a change in society.

Religion and cast discrimination

Indian is the only country with a lot of diversity and religion hence people get sometimes divided on this the question that what do you want to change in society is that the respect everyone should have for other religion. And mandatory space should be given to everyone. one religion which each one of us should compulsory practice is humanism.

What you want to change in society - Make better Society

Justice in time

The number of the case pending in the country is shocking there should be way out quick hearing and that is only possible when the investigation did faster. Hence here you need to have the intelligence authority appointed. And the court should have customarily to hear every problem at ground level and the justice given should be fair enough.

Marriage accountability

The age for marriage should be increased for girls and boys both as because the minimum age 18 and 21 are very lethal it should be increased up for girls 25 and boys 30. The antiquated laws abrogation of marriage. Because there are fraudsters/liars /charlatans lurking at every nook and corner of society.

Adoption procedure

The adoption procedure should be made very accessible for people because it can change the life of an orphan. And even it will give pleasure to those who are not able to become parents due to there physical inability and it will make a home for the orphan kid and bright future as well.

Acceptance of women in society

The women are judged according to there dresses if they have more male friends or they do late-night parties that means they are characterless but this same thing is done by the boys then it is cool enough and they are allowed if God made us all same then who’re we to distinguish rules for man and women they both have equal opportunities.

But from aged old rituals made by the society that women work at home and her job is to cook food at home and man jobs are to go out and earn money. But today things are changing lives are changing and technology is helping us a lot in this.

Cleanliness drive

The main reason is to be hygienic here the cleanliness makes us feel good and make our surroundings very clear and smooth. hence our duty is to make every place very neat and clear. And we celebrate every day as a clean and green India.

Media’s role

It work should be to show real problems of the lives of the people the situation happening they should be the voice of the

By..Tanvi Aditi Francis

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